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  • Yue Jiang

    Yue Jiang

    A Product/UX designer | former consultant in Deloitte/ A Dreamer & adventure lover!!! My portfolio: http://yuejiang.me

  • Xiangyang Li

    Xiangyang Li

    Tsinghua University, Academy of Art and Design B.A. in Art and Technology(Information Design)

  • Carol Ho

    Carol Ho

    Master of Interaction Design student at Carnegie Mellon University. Optimistic for humanity and enthusiastic for tech. Portfolio Page: https://caroltyho.com

  • John Baldridge

    John Baldridge

    Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Nick Marotta

    Nick Marotta

  • Matt Geiger

    Matt Geiger

    Hi there! I am a Laserdisc spinning, rock climbing, feminist, ex-Mormon, Navy veteran, student, designer, CMU alumnus, and amateur Russian. Hello!

  • Zicheng Gu

    Zicheng Gu

  • Fan Yu

    Fan Yu

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